Cytometry facility


The purpose of the flow cytometry platform is to facilitate the users for implementing their experimental design by data acquisition and result analysis. The platform is open for the scientific community both from the public and private sector.

B13 batiment image

The platform is located in “Groupement Hospitalier Est”, 59 Boulevard Pinel, 69500 BRON, “Building 13”.


Person in charge : Claire CROLA DA SILVA 

I am available to discuss and help you for the development of new protocols and for all relevant information you may need.

Tel : 04-78-77-70-91



I am available to assist you for the following tasks:

  • The design of experiments with the choice of the experimental groups, controls, labeling conditions, and the selection of appropriate fluorochromes/fluorescent probes etc.
  • The execution of experiment and acquisition of data. Fluorescent labeling can be performed on site with our technical assistance. In case of no prior experience in flow cytometry the users will be assisted in data acquisition.
  • Data analysis: Data shall be provided to the user with or without analysis depending upon their experience in the data analysis.
  • If required the user will also be given the necessary training on flow cytometer for performing their experiments.

BS LSR Fortessa X-20 Flow Cytometer.

cytometre photoThe BD Fortessa X-20 is equipped with latest features for setting-up the analytical procedures and for compensation settings. The device configuration is summarized in the table below :

Diapositive2 (2)

We are not limited to the list of fluorophores mentioned in the table above. Therefore don’t hesitate to ask in case you need any additional information.

You can find a more detailed description of this system by following this link!