April 11, 2017

11 April: Séminar of Pr. BRAUN -Zurich (Suisse) (more…)

6-7 nov 2017: CarMeN co-organise le congrès FSEV

6-7 nov : Co-organisation of the congress  FSEV

CarMeN laboratory will co-organise the first congress about extracellular vesicules (FSEV-2017, PARIS).


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8 March 17: FADex program in CarMeN

8 March 17: FADex program in CarMeN


The FADex (French-American Doctoral Exchange) program was created in 2014 by the office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States. This program aims at stimulating scientific exchanges between American and French Ph.D studients working in the same field of research in order to encourage the development of French-American collaboration in the future. This program also serves as an opportunity for American studients to better understand the French research system.

This 2017 issue was made possible thanks to the strong involvement and support of partners: the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), the Gustave Roussy Institute, CarMeN Laboratory in Lyon, C3M laboratory in Nice, Paul Bocuse Institute, the Canceropole of Lyon Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and the start-up Maat Pharma.

After the 2-day seminar, a group gathering the American laureates and French studients will travel to Lyon where they will have the opportunity to visit the Cardio-Metabolism Diabetes and Nutrition laboratory (CarMeN). During this visit, the american studients will have the opportunity to meet and engage in discussions with French researchers  in the field of epigenetics.  In Lyon, 4 seminars will be given on recent advances in epigenetics by Hubert Vidal, CarMeN director and head of Team1,  Luciano Pirola (researcher, Team1) et Anne Mey (researcher, Team1), Sophie Rome (researcher, Team2).

A free evening  with the CarMeN PH.D studients will be scheduled.


The FADex 2017 program


Febr. 2017: Building renovation of CarMeN INSA

Febr.2017: Building renovation of CarMeN INSA

The futur renovated Pasteur Building where is located the team 4 of the CarMeN laboratory at INSA

Rénovation du Bâtiment CarMeN INSA


  • Start of work : may 2017
  • End of work : august 2018


Febr. 20, 2017: selection of Lyon IDEX Project

Febr. 20, 2017: selection of IDEX Project


The IDEX project from Lyon University  was selected by an international jury on monday 20th February 2017.
CarMeN laboratory is involved in the project.

19 mai 2017: Réunion du G2L2 à Lyon

19 mai 17: Réunion G2L2 à Lyon…

logo G2L2 Lyon 2017La 24ème réunion de l’association G2L2 (Genève, Grenoble, Lyon, Lausanne) co-organisée par le laboratoire CarMeN  se  tiendra le 19 mai 2017 sur le site du Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud. Elle va rassembler un grand nombre de participants des équipes fondamentales et cliniques des 4 villes représentées (environ 80 personnes) autour des thématiques propres à cette réunion : Endocrinologie, Métabolisme, Nutrition.

Les jeunes chercheurs doctorants et post-doctorants auront la possibilité de présenter en anglais leurs travaux scientifiques au cours de cette journée sous la forme de communication orale ou de poster. Un prix sera décerné en fin de journée après décision prise par le comité de sélection.

pré-programme:  preprogramme G2L2 2017