Histology Facility


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The Histology platform is part of CarMeN laboratory and is situated on the site of the Faculty of Medicine Lyon – South, Campus Charles Mérieux at the Lyon – South hospital center.

The aims of the plateform:

  • To share technical resources, expertise and skills for experimental histology
  • To perform projects in histology, from the sample cutting to the analysis of the observations.
  • The training to techniques and materials used by the platform.

The platform is opened to all members of CarMeN laboratory as well as to the staff outside of CarMeN in case of collaborative projects or services performances.

Proposed Services

1°/ Technical services

  • Cryotomy advices : OCT embedding and freezing in liquid nitrogen
  • Frozen sections
  • Paraffin sections
  • Collecting sections on superfrost plus and superfrost plus gold slides
  • Classic staining ( hemalun-eosin), oil red O
  • ATP staining on skeletal muscle slide
  • Development of immunostaining techniques
  • Storage of slides and tissues blocks at -20°c or -80°c


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2°/ Scientific project

After a first contact to evaluate your need, we provide a quote before reception of embedded biopsies.

We support your scientific project from cutting, staining and immunolabelling to analyse of observations.

The final product is sending a report of the histology results.


3°/ Training

All futures users must be trained to technical devices. Moreover we proposed training on several staining methods and immunolabelling techniques.



microtomecryostat bismicro


– RMC cryostat CMT-950-A (sections 8 to 25µm)

– Leica microtom RM2125RT (sections 4 to 12 µm)

– Microscope Zeiss Axiovert 200M

– Microscope Zeiss Axioskop2


Specific Skills

The CarMeN platform is specialized in the study of skeletal muscle and routinely performes two types of quantitative analyses:

  • Analysis of fibers size from cross sections of skeletal muscle
  • Analysis of the typology of fibers I and II from cross sections of skeletal muscle

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