Welcome to new students…  arrivée


  1. Karolina AKESSON (Stage ERASMUS) Equipe 1
  2. Ouissem  NOUIOUA (M2) Equipe 1
  3. Guillain GAILLARD (M2) Equipe 1
  4. Quentin BARGE (M2) Equipe 2
  5. Chloé DUMOT (M2) Equipe 5
  6. Maxence RABIA (Doctorant) Equipe 4
  7. Amira HANNOUN (Doctorante tunisienne) Equipe 4
  8. Bogdan OLIINYK  (Doctorant) Equipe 4
  9. Alexandre PACCALET (Doctorant) Equipe 5
  10. Aliye DEMIR  (Doctorante) Equipe 3
  11. Aiany SIMOEZ ALVEZ ((Doctorante) Equipe 3
  12. Mélanie LE BARZ (post-doctorante) Equipe 4
  13. Joao Henriq DA SILVA (Postdoctorant brésilien) Equipe 3

Bye bye and good luck to….


  1. Romain BERTAGNAT (Stage bac Pro Contrôle qualité)
  2. Christina TSEKERI (M1) Equipe 3
  3. Souad AHMED (M1) Equipe 1
  4. Mathilde DUBOIS (M1) Equipe 3
  5. Christelle LEON  (M2) Equipe 5
  6. Chris BERD (M2) Equipe 5
  7. Marine DANCER (Doctorante) Equipe 4
  8. Rafaella PORDEUS  (doctorante brésilienne) Eq. 1
  9. Camille VILLEDIEU (Doctorante) Equipe 5
  10. Elisa BERNADES-MONTERO (Doctorante brésilienne) Equipe 4
  11. Amanda LOVAN (Doctorante) Equipe 4
  12. Thomas BOCHATON (Doctorant) Equipe 5
  13. Marwa CHEHIMI (Doctorante ) Equipe 1
  14. Sabrina TARTU (post-doctorante) Equipe 2

Recent PhD thesis defenses

3 octobre 2016 Sabrina SCHRIETT (Dir. Thèse: L. PIROLLA)

13 octobre 2016 Hala ASWAD (Dir. Thèse: S. ROME)

21 octobre 2016  Yinan CHEN (Supervisor: I. DELTON)

3 novembre 2016 Emmanuel LABARONNE (Supervisor: B. Le Magueresse)

6 décembre 2016 Thomas BOCHATON (Supervisor: M. OVIZE)

13 décembre 2016 Lucille PAITA (Supervisors: F. Van Coppenolle / S. Ducreux)

15 décembre 2016 Charlotte JOUVENE (Supervisor: M. Guichardant)

16 décembre 2016 Vanessa DI CATALDO (Supervisor: E. Canet-Soulas)

16 janvier 2017 Amanda LO VAN (Supervisor: N. Bernoud-Hubac)

        7 juillet 2017 Marine DANCER (Supervisor: P. MOULIN)

        9 fevrier 2018 Camille VILLEDIEU (Supervisor: D. BAETZ)

        A venir: 28 février 2018 Marwa CHEHIMI (Supervisor: A. El JAAFARI)


The PhD Day is organized to favor the exchange between the PhD students at the end of their first year and to validate the “comité de Suivi de thèse” which is an obligatory step before their registration in second year at the University

The PhD Day is considered like a friendly exchange with the jury (supervisors, other students and researchers). The PhD students are invited to present their research data and to answer to scientific questions. This exercise also prepares students for oral presentations.


11 september 11st, 2017 :The CarMeN’s Day of Doctoral Students

The 2017 Edition of ” the PhD Day ” took place on September 11 st in the Lyon Laennec Medicine Faculty.

From the left to the right: Nans FLORENS (inside the rectangle), Berenice SEGRESTIN, Marie-Michèle BOULET, Gabrielle NORMAND, Pierre POINSOT, Arthur BASSOT, Camille LEFEVRE et  Xavier MATILLON 

Absent: Nolwenn TESSIER 



September 4th, 2016 : The CarMeN’s Day of Doctoral Students


The 2016 Edition of ” the PhD Day ” took place on September 4th in the B 13 buiding situated in the cardiology Hospital.

From the left to the right: Florian Dingreville, Anne Moreau, Marine Millard, Benoit Julien, Sally Badawi, Zeina Harhous and  Violaine Hubert



September 11th, 2015 : The CarMeN’s Day of Doctoral Students 

 The 2015 Edition of ” the PhD Day ” took place on September 11th in the Multidisciplinary Institute of Biochemistry of Lipids located in the INSA site of CarMeN.

From the top and in a clockwise direction: M. Chehimi, V. Jahandiez, M. Dancer, L. Jacquin, Y. Dan, C. Pelletier, M. Schaaf, C. Villedieu, E. Hoibian, L. Jobeili



September 23th, 2014 : The CarMeN’s Day of Doctoral Students 

The 2014 Edition of “the PhD Day” took place on September 23rd in the IMBL site of CarMeN lab. This year, ten students were invited to present t their work. One of the students was presently abroad for a six month training period and her audition was performed by video conference directly from Japan.

From left to right: A. Lo Van, V. Di Cataldo, J. Bruno (at the top)/L. Paita. Chen, S Chriett, E. Labaronne (in the middle)/C. Jouvene, C. Caussy-Pinkele, H. Aswad (below)


September 9th, 2013 : The PhD Day of CarMeN students

jd2The 2013 Edition of “the PhD Day ” took place on September 23rd at the IMBL site of CarMeN lab.

9 PhD students were invited to present their data: Maud Arnal-Levron, Mayssa Hachem, Huy Le Quang, Thomas Bochaton, Kevin Seyssel, Caroline Gastebois, Manon Lecomte, Hana Bouazizi et Alexander Kharin.