The Functional Lipidomics platform

General Presentation

The Functional Lipidomics platform is acknowledged by IBiSA (Infrastructure in Biology, Health and Agronomy). It is associated to the ‘GIS IMBL’, and located at the Pasteur-IMBL building of INSA-Lyon. The platform offers both expertise and assistance in lipidomics research.

It is open to the whole private and public scientific community interested in lipid projects by means of fee-based analytical services and collaborative projects.

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Scientific Director : Nathalie Bernoud-Hubac avril 2016 069

Tel : 04 72 43 85 74

Mail :


Technical Director : Michel Guichardant

Tel : 04 72 43 82 15

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 Technical Officers : Patricia Daira, Patrick Molière & Baptiste Fourmaux

                                            – Quality, Health and Safety referent : Patricia Daira