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Opened since January 2011 and renewed in 2016, CarMeN laboratory – INSERM
U1060 / INRA U1235 / Lyon 1 University / INSA de Lyon 1 – is a biomedical research laboratory in the field of cardiovascular diseases, metabolism, diabetes and nutrition. These diseases share common pathophysiological determinants related to the environment, lifestyle and population ageing. The main objective of CarMeN lab is to improve our understanding of these important diseases and to develop new treatments and preventive strategies for a better care of the patients.

CarMeN lab is a center of excellence which gathered the major research forces in these fields in Lyon. Gathering almost 180 persons, including basic scientists and medical practitioners to strengthen the interactions between cognitive research and biomedical and clinical research, and operating state of the art clinical research facilities (CRNH-RA and CIC) and technological platforms (genomics, lipidomics, imaging), CarMeN lab provides an unique environment to conduct translational research.

CarMeN lab is certified ISO 9001-2008 since July 2013 and ISO 9001-2015 since July 2016, for the realization of research projects and the teaching and training of students.

CarMeN lab is member of the Thematic Multi-Organization Institute « Physiopathology, Metabolism, Nutrition »

 CarMeN lab contributes to the European Centre for Nutrition and Health (CENS) and to the current construction of a 3000m² new building at  Lyon-Sud Hospital which will gather CarMeN teams working in nutrition and metabolism and the CRNH-RA at a same place.


copyright Inserm/Mehrak/Hans Lucas

Hubert VIDAL, CarMeN Director (copyright Inserm/Hans Lucas)


 CarMeN is currently composed of 5 research teams, gathering almost 180 people (22 INSERM, INRA or CRNS researchers; 58 professors and associate professors (including 33 clinicans); 38 research engineers, technicians and administrative; and about 50 studiants (Masters, PhD and post-docs).

The teams are located in three research areas in Lyon according to their research interests (see organization chart and location of the teams)


  • Diabetes and Human Nutrition (Teams 1, 2 and 3) at the Faculty of Medicine Lyon-Sud, Campus Charles Mérieux and Lyon-Sud Hospital.

Team 1: Nutritional adaptations, Environment and Diabetes

  heads: Hubert VIDAL and Martine LAVILLE.

Team 2: Muscle Mass Regulation and Metabolic Disorders

  heads: Etienne LEFAI and Chantal SIMON.

Team 3: Organelle Communication and Diabetes

  heads: Jennifer RIEUSSET and Charles THIVOLET.

  • Lipidomic and Lipid Metabolism (Team 4) at the Multidisciplinary Institute of Lipid Biochemistry (IMBL) located at the INSA Campus Lyon-Tech, La Doua Villeurbanne.

Team 4: Postprandial lipids and triglyceride-rich lipoproteins

  heads : Marie-Caroline MICHALSKI and Philippe MOULIN.

  • Cardio-Metabolism and Organ Protection (Team 5) at the Louis Pradel Hospital belonging to the Lyon-Est Hospital.

Team 5: Cardioprotection

head: Michel OVIZE.

Participation to The Programme ” Investissements d’Avenir”



Local academic partners

– The Rhône-Alpes Research Center for Human Nutrition (CRNH-RA) headed by Pr Martine LAVILLE (Team 1) and located at the Lyon-Sud Hospital Center.

– The Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) of Lyon Hospital coordinated by Pr Michel OVIZE (Team 5) and located at Lyon-Est Louis Pradel Hospital.

– The Multidisciplinary Institute of Lipid Biochemistry (IMBL) located at the INSA Campus Lyon-Tech (Villeurbanne). The IMBL is a founder member of The LISA Carnot Institute (Lipid for Industry and Health).

– The Hospices Civls de Lyon (HCL) with the participation of 49 HCL members (academic and hospital practitioners) to the activity of CarMeN from 18 different clinical and biological departments of Lyon Hospital.

– The “CERMEP – in vivo imaging” center from Lyon University