11 April: Séminar of Pr. BRAUN -Zurich (Suisse)

steven A. Brown seminaire recherche ff


Invited by his collaborator Etienne Lefait (CarMeN Team 2),  Pr. S. A. BRAUN (Chronology and Sleep Research Group, University of Zurich, Switzerland) presented a seminar on the 11 April entitled:

 “Daily control of metabolism at macroscopic and cellular levels”
Summary : A diurnal “circadian” clock is important for nearly all aspects of metabolism, from insuring proper regulation of blood glucose during the normal cycle of daytime feeding and nighttime fasting, to the cellular control of nutrient utilisation.  In this talk, we shall examine the cellular pathways that control nutrient flux in time-dependent fashion.  Surprisingly, these go well beyond standard control of key biochemical pathways, and instead stretch to morphological reorganisation of both mitochondria and RNA granules to achieve widespread coordinated regulation both within the cell and beyond.