Team 1 : “Nutritional Adaptations, Environment and Diabetes”

Nutritional Adaptations, Environment and Diabetes

To maintain homeostasis in normal range, all living species are able to develop appropriate responses to transient or sustained changes occuring in their direct environment. Humans, all life-long from embryo to elderly, are exposed to environmental modifications including lifestyle changes, nutritional habits or pollutant contaminations. Good health and long-life expectancy are thus strongly dependent on the ability to correctly adapt and respond to these modifications. It is now suspected that metabolic diseases, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and their related complications, are linked to defects in these adaptive mechanisms.

The main objectives of Team 1 of CarMeN laboratory are to define the mechanisms involved in the physiological response to metabolic stress in humans, to identify potential defects in these processes and to develop new strategies to  fight metabolic and nutritional diseases. 

Our different research projects combine clinical investigations, studies with animal model and experimental research, based on nutrigenomics and epigenetics. They benefit from the close collaboration of scientists specialized in biochemistry, physiology, immunology, cellular and molecular biology and of clinicians from diabetology, metabolism, nutrition and nephrology.

Our Team is mainly located at the Faculty of Medicine Lyon-Sud and the Biochemistry department of Hospital Lyon-Sud in the vicinity of the Rhone-Alpes Research Center in Human Nutrition (CRNH-RA). Part of the team is located in IMBL at INSA Lyon.

Main research topics of Team 1

During the last decades, major modifications in our nutritional environment and eating behavior, have largely contributed to the observed overweight, obesity and diabetes epidemics. The main objectives of our research program are 1) to understand at the molecular level the adaptive responses to changes in our nutritional environment and 2) to identify the potential defects in these processes that could contribute to the metabolic pathologies. To this aim, we investigate the adaptive mechanisms to metabolic stress and pollutant exposure under different experimental conditions reflecting as much as possible normal life. Based on the significant advances made over the last years, our strategy rely on 5 complementary and connected research programs:

– “Metabolic adaptation and inflammation of fat tissues during overfeeding” to understand adipose tissue depots remodeling and to propose strategies to fight obesity and prevent its complications;

«Adipose stem cells in healthy or pathological adipose tissues» to understand the  mechanisms initiating adipose tissue alterations and inflammation which lead to the complications of obesity;

Metabolic disrupters: impact of environmental pollutants in metabolic diseases to unravel the contribution and the mechanisms of action of pollutants in triggering or amplifying metabolic diseases;

Metabolic adaptations in chronic kidney disease to define the determinants of metabolic complications, especially insulin resistance, in chronic kidney disease and provide new treatments;

– “Probiotics as a new strategy to fight metabolic diseases to demonstrate that selected bacterial strains can be powerful agents to treat obese and diabetic patients

Main technical  approaches and tools

Nutritional studies in humans in the Research Center for Human Nutrition CRNH-RA. Measurement of insulin sensitivity (hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp) / Human tissue resources (muscle and adipose tissue) / Animal models (mice) / Cell culture (stem cells, adipocytes, muscle cells) / Genomics and epigenetics (DNA arrays, RT-qPCR) / Intracellular signaling studies (insulin) / Adipocyte size measurement / Immunocytology / In vitro utilization of adenovirus or shRNA



Topic 1 : Metabolic adaptation and inflammation of fat tissues during oveequipe1_fig3rfeeding

Excess calorie intake, exceeding energy expenditure, is one of the characteristics of the modern life and largely contributes to the development of obesity. The mechanisms responsible for the metabolic orientation of energy between storage and catabolism in vivo during overfeeding are not known. In collaboration with the CRNH-RA, we are developing an ambitious research program to characterize these mechanisms usinga overfeeding protocols in humans and in animal models.

In the clinical studies, volunteers (lean and overweight subjects) are submitted to an overfeeding protocol during which they receive about 30% calorie excess each day for several weeks. A detailed analysis of biological, metabolic and anthropometric modifications is performed during the protocol. Several protocols are conducted with different types of supplementation (lipids, fructose or junk food). We are also testing new strategies to prevent the deleterious effects of overfeeding (polyphenols, probiotics). Important results have been already obtained to allow understanding the mechanisms of fuel partitioning in skeletal muscle and the first steps of adipose tissue development when people are gaining weight (Seyssel et al, JCEM, 20145; Alligier et al JCEM, 2012).

Interestingly, some subjects show a preferred orientation of lipid storage in visceral adipose tissue and other ectopic depots such as liver and muscle. This suggests that these subjects probably display a higher risk for the development of metabolic syndrome. We are currently investigating in more details these subjects with the objective of identifying novel risk biomarkers using transcriptomic approach in adipose tissue and skeletal muscle and a metabolomics approach in blood and urine. Parallel to the clinical studies, fat accumulation mechanisms and functions of adipocytes are studied in vitro using human adipocytes in primary culture.



Topic 2 : Adipose stem cells in healthy or pathological adipose tissues

Adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (Adipose Stem Cells, ASC), present in large numbers in adipose tissue, not only have the ability to differentiate into adipocytes, but also have many regulatory functions in particular with respect to immune cells. We explore the contribution of these cells to adipose tissue functions and its pathological changes across different lines of research.

One research axis, developed by A. El Jaafari and L. Pirola, is devoted to the understanding of inflammation in adipose tissue. While the well documented presence of macrophages in adipose tissue have been shown to contribute to the low grade inflammation associated with obesity, we have recently involved 2 new players in this process:  the adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ASC) and the Th17-lymphocytes (El Jaafari et al, Diabetes, 2015). We have demonstrated that ASC harvested from the adipose tissue of obese individuals (but not from lean donors) can increase IL-17A and IL-1beta secretion by blood mononuclear cells. In turn these cytokines inhibit adipogenesis and reduce insulin action in mature adipocytes. This opens new fields of research to understand the mechanisms of adipose tissue inflammation during weight gain. Because interactions of ASC with Th17 lymphocytes appear to mainly involve cell-cell contact, our goal now is to identify the molecules implicated in these interactions, including the antigens, which might be presented by ASC to Th17 lymphocytes.

Another research project, developed by A. Mey, seeks to understand the origin of the functional differences between the fat depots and their contributions to obesity. She investigates the molecular and biological characteristics of the adipose mesenchymal stem cells (ASC) which contribute to the developmental origin of these depots and remain present in the tissues in adulthood. To understand how the nutritional environment impacts the properties of the ASC at different periodes of life, we have developed the isolation and culture of these cells from different adipose tissue depots in mice and humans.

An interesting property of the ASC is the possibility, as stem cells, to be differentiated in different cell types. We have developed a protocol to generate beta-pancreatic-like cells from human-derived ASC. We will now use these cells to study the impact of ASC-mediated inflammation on beta-cell generation and function in order to better understand the mechanisms leading to beta-cell dysfunction in type-2 diabetes. We also hope to optimize the production of beta-like cells from ASC to propose in the future these cells as therapeutic tools. This will be performed by A. El Jaafari in collaboration with members of team 3 (A-M Madec and C. thivolet) and of the Cell Therapy Unit of Lyon Hospital who recently joined team 1.



Topic 3 : Metabolic disrupters

Apart from genetics, excess calories and lack of physical activity, it is known that environmental pollutants, specifically those endowed with hormonal disrupting activities and acting at low dosage (i.e., the endocrine disruptors), contribute to the epidemic of metabolic disorders. Several epidemiological studies have shown a significant correlation between criteria of the metabolic syndrome and the presence in the blood or urine of pollutants or their metabolites. In addition, experimental studies in rodents, including works from our team (Naville et al, FASEB J, 2013; PLOSOne, 2015; Ruzzin et al, EHP, 2011) established a causal relationship between exposure to chemicals and obesity-related metabolic dysfunctions, such as insulin resistance. Because of the high vulnerability of embryos and newborns, D. Naville and B. Le Magueresse in the team, have developped a model of exposure to very low doses of a cocktail of pollutants (dioxins, PCB153, DEHP and BPA) added to a high-fat high sucrose diet and provide to mice dams and then to their progeny. Changes in biological parameters, fat mass measurement, glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity tests in the progeny (F1 and after) are studied. Molecular mechanisms are as well investigated both using a candidate-gene approach and a transcriptomic large approach to identify specific genes and pathways leading to the observed metabolic disturbances.

We are also exploring the phenotype of PXR KO mice in collaboration with the group of J. Ruzzin, Bergen University, Norway. Besides, taking into account the crutial role of gut in metabolic health, we make the hypothesis that variations in microbiota may alter the way individuals metabolize and respond to pollutants and we will also test whether interventions on microbiota hold the potential to offer protection from the adverse effects of pollutants.



Topic  4 : Metabolic adptations in chronique kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is frequently associated with peripheral insulin resistance, which is a major cardiovascular risk factor. However, the reasons why CKD patients so often develop insulin resistance, even in absence of overweight or obesity, are largely unknown.

D. Fouque and Ch. Soulage in the team recently demonstrated that the accumulation of uremic toxins, such as p-cresol, in end-stage renal disease could be a key factor for the development of insulin resistance (Koppe et al. Amer Soc Nephrol, 2013). Using mouse model of CKD, we are currently extend this concept to other uremic toxins, like endoxyl sulfate, and try to define their mechanisms of action, focusing on the activation of nuclear receptors, such as arylhydrocarbon receptor (AhR, i.e. the nuclear receptor of dioxins). The mechanisms underlying the development of insulin resistance will be investigated in vitro using adipocytes and muscle cells in culture incubated with uremic toxins. Identifications of the pathways mediating the deleterious effects of these compounds and the potential role of AhR will be explored in details in these in vitro systems. We will then further explore the relevance of the findings in our cohort of patients with CKD. The role of the intestinal flora will also be investigated with the aim of elaborating pro/pre-biotics strategies to modulate the production of uremic toxins.

Other research projects include the study of the impact of peritoneal dialysis on intra-abdominal white adipose tissue functions using an original mouse model of peritoneal dialysis under development in the laboratory. The relevance of this pre-clinical model will be assessed in subcutaneous and omental adipose tissue biopsies from patients treated by peritoneal dialysis in which we will analyse fat cell size, histology (immune cell infiltration, fibrosis), adipocyte functions and adipokine secretion in relation to glucose exposure, peritoneal transport type and metabolic risk factors.


Topic  5 : Probiotics as a new stategy to fight metabolic diseases

The use of probiotics with the aim of modulating blood glucose and hence improving diabetes has been envisaged for a long time, particularly as nutritional supplements, but the discovery of the critical role of gut microbiota in metabolic diseases has logically boosted research efforts in this field. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are indeed associated with perturbation of the composition and function of the gut microbiota (called dysbiosis), globally characterized by change in the ratio between Firmicutes (Gram-positive) and Bacteroidetes (Gram-negative), the two major phyla in the gut. Furthermore, it has been recently demonstrated that the gut microbiota certainly plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of these diseases. Several bacterial strains, used as probiotics, have recently shown clear beneficial actions on glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in mouse models. However, the effects are less important in humans and their mechanisms of action only partly defined. Our goal is therefore to identify potent bacterial strains with strong beneficial effects for human health and to propose them as new  probiotics for metabolic diseases prevention and/or treatment.

To identify these new strains, we are working in close collaboration with the IGFL team of F. Leulier (a leader in the field of host-bacteria interactions in drosophila) (mettre le lien: who has developed an innovative screening system to qualify Lactobacillus strains with anti-diabetic properties (under patenting).


We recently used together a variant of this powerful screening system for functional strain qualification to demonstrate for the first time the critical role of microbiota and of a selected L.plantarum strain in the juvenile growth (Schwarzer et al. Science 2016). We are currently qualifying relevant strains for their anti-diabetic properties in diabetic mice, as a pre-clinical test before their evaluation in patients. In parallel, as indicated in the Topics 2 and 3 before, bacterial strains with probiotic properties are also evaluated for their potential to buffer the toxic effects of a cocktail of pollutants in exposed mice and to control the production of uremic toxins in a model of mouse with chronic kidney disease.

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Team 1 Leaders
VIDAL Hubert DR1
 LAVILLE Martine DR1


DA SILVA Joao Henriq Postdoctorant
DRAI Jocelyne PH
DURAND Christine TR
GERARD Céline Postdoctorante
MEUGNIER Emmanuelle IR
MEY Anne CR1
NAVILLE Danielle CR1
PAYS Laurent MCU
PIROLA Luciano CR1
PUGEAT Michel PUPH émérite
SOULAGE Christophe MCU
VEGA Nathalie TR

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