Team 4 : Postprandial lipids and TG-rich lipoproteins: regulations and functional impacts “LiPo”

The main scientific objectives of Team 4 are to understand the mechanisms and the consequences of hypertriglyceridemia by studying both primary and secondary hypertriglyceridemia as well as postprandial hyperlipidemia, an established independent cardiovascular risk factor.

The team will mostly focus on:

1) How dietary lipids, through their different structures and oxidation, can metabolically impact on intestinal absorption, triglyceride-rich lipoproteins (TGRL) composition and lipolysis, and the metabolic fate of lipids in the postprandial phase. The role of specific lipids present in the gut on LPS coabsorption and biology of the gut cell lienage will be considered.

2) How TGRL modified by nutrition and/or altered by abdominal obesity/diabetes or malabsorption play a role in atherothrombotic and inflammatory processes both in the fasting and postprandial phase. The role of oxidized phospholipids and oxysterols in endothelial cells and cholesterol transport alterations in macrophage will be considered. The role of oxygenated species derived from DHA on ischemic cardiovascular disease will be studied.

3) How new genetic and epigenetic regulations interfere with TGRL lipolysis. Interactions between LPL/AV/GPIHBP1 on endothelial cells will be studied. Association studies in extreme phenotypes and segregation studies in families with unexplained familial chylomicronemia syndrome will be conducted to identify new genes involved in TG metabolism. Studies considering the role of miRNA in the regulation of lipolysis gene expression will be expended.

This research project should therefore provide new dietary strategies to prevent the alterations of postprandial lipemia and identify new therapeutic targets for improving treatment of hypertriglyceridemia, primary or secondary (e.g. obesity, diabetes).


fig equipe 4 ang

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Team 4 leaders
MICHALSKI Marie-Caroline DR2


BOULET Marie-Michèle Phd
CALZADA Catherine CR1
CHARCOSSET/DiFilipo Mathilde PH
CUERQ Charlotte PH
DAIRA Patricia TR
LAGARDE Michel PU émérite
MARCAIS Christophe PH



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