February 14, 2017

Febr. 14 , 2017:  seminar F.  Britto  (more…)

October 7th, 2016 CarMeN participated in the exhibition “Science has taste” aboard the “Flavors & Health” Train

Oct. 7th: aboard the “Flavors and Health” train

During the Flavours & Health train stopover in Lyon, a fun interactive and gourmet exhibition around the pleasure of eating, balanced nutrition and health was presented on the train to the public by INRA and INSERM. Nutrition researchers from Lyon talked about the mechanisms of taste and the latest scientific advances in the field of nutrition to a large audience (students, active and retired people…)

On that day, the laboratory CarMeN rallied two doctors (Dr A. El JAAFARI and Dr. B. SEGRESTIN), one engineer (E. COMBE), its Director H. VIDAL and its communication officer V. LARGE to meet the public’s many questions about health and nutrition and the nutritional disorders such as obesity, inflammatory diseases, diabetes …



The exposition


The Flavour & Health train stopover in Lyon


Left to right: P. LEFORT (communication Délégation Régionale INSERM Rhône-Alpes Auvergne) , V. LARGE (communication U1060) and A. Stein (U855)


Dr. A. EL JAAFARI, speaker from U. 1060

Dr. B. SEGRESTIN, speaker from U. 1060


E. COMBE, speaker from U. 1060

December 8 ,2015 : INSERM PRIZE to R. FERRERA

December 8, 2015:  INSERM PRIZE to R. FERRERA….

(Ingénieur de recherche sur le site OPeRA-B13) concernant ses travaux sur la conservation des greffons cardiaques.

rene ferrera prix 2015 (f)

Novembre 25, 2015: Press Conference of CENS

 November 25,2015: CENS Press Conference

conf de presse CENS 25 nov 15(pour internet)

October 4, 2015, CENS-CarMeN team at RunIn Lyon 2015.

CarMeN and CENS at RUN-IN Lyon

Le 4 octobre 2015, l’équipe CENS a participé au Run in Lyon pour la deuxième année consécutive.