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Located on two sites, the support team consists of:

  • management and team leaders,
  • administrative and financial managers,
  • a communications team,
  • infrastructure managers,
  • a quality unit,
  • an Health & Safety committee.
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The management of the CarMeN Unit is provided by the director, Hubert VIDAL (INSERM Research Director) appointed by the supervisory authorities, on the advice of the evaluation bodies.

The Director ensures the general management and representation of the Unit with the support of the team leaders.

He is responsible for the Unit’s scientific policy, compliance with the general operating rules, job applications (ITA and researchers), the annual budget request from the supervisory bodies, the evaluation of statutory staff and the use of premises made available by the supervisory authorities.

He is also responsible for the distribution of the budget between the teams as well as the acquisition of common equipment.

All agents assigned to the Unit are placed under his authority.

The main missions of the team leaders are to design, coordinate and develop the research and development actions of their team.

They set up the scientific animation of the team and ensure the management and organization of the financial and human resources allocated. As the teams are evaluated as independent entities, they are also responsible for presenting and defending their team’s general research program before the evaluation bodies (HCERES).

The Director of the Unit guarantees each team its scientific independence.

Image texte Administrative and financial management

Administrative and financial management


  • Control of all financial commitments for continuous activity in the laboratory and administrative records.
  • Compliance with INSERM, INRAE ​​and University procedures.
  • Monitoring of allocations and expenses throughout the year, according to the deadlines of each contract and endowments.
  • Management of missions, employment contracts, and internship agreement with/without gratuity, RH monitoring.
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Improve the flow of information between teams, and increase the visibility of the laboratory.

It is based on:

  • the communication tools: website, LinkedIn and Twitter,
  • email transmission of information,
  • the organization of meetings and events.
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Monitoring, control, maintenance of infrastructure to ensure functional premises.

Image texte Quality approach & Management ISO 9001:2015

Quality approach & Management ISO 9001:2015


  • Organization and strategy of the quality approach:
  1. Planning
  2. Auditing
  3. Review
  • Quality documentation management
  • Management of non-conformities / corrective / preventive actions
  • Management of improvement sheets
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Health & Safety


Organize the implementation of occupational health and safety rules within the laboratory in accordance with regulations.

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