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The technical platform is equipped with 4 microscopes and 1 workstation dedicated to image analysis.

  • The A1R + is a powerful, fully automated Nikon confocal imaging system capable of capturing high quality confocal images of cells and molecular events at high speed and with increased sensitivity.
  • The Leica system incorporates a light source for millisecond excitation wavelength switching, a high-sensitivity camera, tools perfect for FRET sensor or ratiometric probe analysis, and software designed for automated acquisition and dual-wavelength measurements of intracellular ions.
  • The MetaXpress Pico is an automated cell imaging system. It combines high-resolution imaging with powerful analysis. Whether you use fluorescence imaging or brightfield analysis, the automated imager offers a wide range of preconfigured protocols for cell-based assays. With features such as 2D deconvolution, Live Preview and 3-color quantification at multiple wavelengths. MetaXpress image acquisition and analysis software with high information content is included.
  • The IonOptix is a system that allows the simultaneous acquisition of contraction and calcium variations of cardiomyocytes using chemical probes (Fura2) or FRET sensors.

The platform is located at the Groupement Hospitalier Est, 59 Boulevard Pinel, 69500 BRON, Bâtiment B13.

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