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Invited by Cécile Vors (Eq. DO-IT) on May 28, we had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Benoît Arsenault, (Univ Laval, Québec,Canada) for a seminar on the Lyon Sud site, entitled:

Body weight and health: how to combine science and goodwill?

Dr. Benoit Arsenault is a professor in the Department of Medicine at Université Laval. He is also a researcher at the Institut de cardiologie et de pneumologie du Québec in Canada.
The research of Dr. Arsenault’s team focuses on the impact of various interventions (lifestyle modification therapy, dietary interventions, physical activity and pharmacotherapy) on cardiometabolic risk markers such as body composition, insulin sensitivity and the function of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), lipoprotein(a) and PCSK9 in humans. Dr. Arsenault’s laboratory also uses state-of-the-art imaging technologies to study the determinants (dietary habits, physical activity and genomics) and consequences of intra-abdominal and hepatic fat on insulin resistance, atherosclerosis and aortic valve disease.

Dr. Benoit Arsenault hosts the new YouTube channel “Les voies métaboliques” (in French), an initiative of the Société québécoise de lipidologie, de nutrition et de métabolisme (SQLNM). SQLNM’s mission is to promote training, education and research in the fields of lipidology, nutrition and metabolism in cardiovascular health.




YouTube channel "Les voies métaboliques"
News created on 29 May 2024

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