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CHOUABE Christophe

  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Phone : 04 78 77 72 42
  • Mail :

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Compétences et expertises

  • Electrophysiologiste (patch clamp)

5 major publications:

  • Chouabe C, Espinosa L, Megas P, Chakir A, Rougier O, Freminet A & Bonvallet R (1997) Reduction of ICa,L  and Ito1  density in hypertrophied right ventricular cells by simulated high altitude in adult rats.Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 29: 193-206


  • Chouabe C, Neyroud N, Guicheney P, Lazdunski M, Romey & Barhanin J (1997) Properties of KvLQT1 K+ channel mutations in Romano-Ward and Jervell and Lange-Nielsen inherited cardiac arrhythmias. EMBO Journal 16: 5472-5479


  • Chouabe C, Ricci E, Amsellem J, Blaineau S, Dalmaz Y, Favier R, Pequignot JM & Bonvallet R (2004) Effects of aging on the cardiac remodeling induced by chronic high-altitude hypoxia in rat. American Journal of Physiology 287: H1246-H1253


  • Chouabe C, Eyraud V, Da Silva P, Rahioui I, Royer C, Soulage C, Bonvallet R, Huss & Gressent F (2011) New mode of action for a knottin protein bioinsecticide: Pea Albumin 1 subunit b (PA1b) is the first peptidic inhibitor of V-ATPase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286: 36291-36296


  • Christé G, Bonvallet R & Chouabe C (2020) Accounting for cardiac t-tubule increase with age and myocyte volume to improve measurements of its membrane area and ionic current densities. Prog Biophys Mol Biol 157: 40-53

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