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Short bio


I have studied physics at the université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) and at ENS Lyon in Lyon (France). I then obtained a PhD degree in human biology and biomedical engineering at UCBL. My work dealt with the quantification of regional cerebral blood flow using dynamic-enhanced MRI in patients. After my PhD thesis, I moved to San Francisco as a post-doctoral fellow in the Center for Pharmaceutical and Molecular Imaging at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). I learned to perform pre-clinical MRI studies while working on the quantification of vascular permeability in animal models of breast cancer. I went back to Lyon in 2002 when I was recuited at CNRS in the Creatis lab. I was lucky to join the “Cerebral ischemia” team led by my mentors Pr Yves Berthezène and Pr Norbert Nighoghossian.

Present research

My research interests are in evaluating novel therapies in ischemic stroke, with a focus on neuroinflammation. To achieve this aim, I develop multimodal molecular imaging tools that allow to capture the spatiotemporal features of immune cells (in particular microglia/macrophages) in vivo.

Skills and expertise

  • Cellular and molecular imaging (MRI, CT)
  • Nanomedicine, contrast agents
  • Neuroprotection, biotherapies (regenerative medicine)
  • Ischemic stroke, translational research, precision medicine


  • My portrait was published in the Lyon metropole journal in 2019 (in French) : Grand_Lyon_Portrait_Marlene_Wiart
  • Our work has been selected by the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) to be highlighted in their journal Highlights 2021 : you can read it here

Funding IDs

As coordinator:

  • ANR TecSan Breakthru (2019-2023). Bicolor imaging with x-Rays to Evaluate A repair Kit THRroUgh dedicated labelling of stem cells and hydrogel
  • ANR TecSan NanoBrain (2015-2021). Imaging inflammation in vivo in ischemic stroke – development of a multimodal NANOprobe & BRAIN imaging methods

As partner:

  • ANR TecSan CMRO2 (2021-2024). Oxygen metabolism by MRI in ischemic stroke: an innovative biomarker in cerebrovascualr diseases
  • H2020 SPCCT (2015-20121). In vivo spectral photon-counting CT molecular imaging in cardio and neurovascular diseases
  • RHU MARVELOUS (2016-2021). New MR imaging to prevent cerebral and myocardial reperfusion injuries

5 major publications:

  1. Dumot C, Po C, Capin L, Hubert V, Ong E, Chourrout M, Bolbos R, Amaz C, Auxenfans C, Canet-Soulas E, Rome C, Chauveau F, Wiart M. Neurofunctional and neuroimaging readouts for designing a preclinical stem-cell therapy trial in experimental stroke. Sci Rep, 2022, 12(1): 4700.
  2. Chourrout M, Rositi H, Ong E, Hubert V, Paccalet A, Foucault L, Autret A, Fayard B, Olivier C, Bolbos R, Peyrin F, Crola-da-Silva C, Meyronet D, Raineteau O, Elleaume H, Brun E, Chauveau F, Wiart M. Brain virtual histology with X-ray phase-contrast tomography Part I: whole-brain myelin mapping in white-matter injury models. Biomedical Optics Express 2022;13(3): pp: 1620-1639
  3. Hubert V, Hristovska I, Karpati S, Benkeder S, Dey A, Dumot C, Amaz C, Chounlamountri N, Watrin C, Comte JC, Chauveau F, Brun E, Marche P, Lerouge F, Parola S, Berthezène Y, Vorup-Jensen T, Pascual O, and Wiart M. Multimodal imaging with NanoGd reveals spatiotemporal features of neuroinflammation after experimental stroke. Adv Science 2021, e2101433.
  4. Basalay MV*, Wiart M*, Chauveau F, Dumot C, Leon C, Amaz C, Bolbos R, Cash D, Kim E, Mechtouff L, Cho TH, Nighoghossian N, Davidson SM, Ovize M, Yellon DM. Neuroprotection by remote ischemic conditioning in the setting of acute ischemic stroke: a preclinical two-centre study. Sci Rep 2020 Oct 9;10(1):16874. *co-first authors.
  5. Cuccione E, Chhour P, Si-Mohamed S, Dumot C, Kim J, Hubert V, Da Silva C, Vandamme M, Chereul E, Balegamire J, Chevalier Y, Berthezene Y, Boussel L, Douek P, Cormode D, Wiart M. Multicolor spectral photon counting CT monitors and quantifies therapeutic cells and their encapsulating scaffold in a model of brain damage. NanoTheranostics 2020;4(3):129-141.

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