• The in vivo platform is equipped with a Visualsonics Vevo 3100 high resolution ultrasound machine allowing a fine analysis of the systolic and diastolic functions of the heart in mice under anesthesia. A second GE Vivid7 ultrasound machine allows the analysis of the systolic function in semi-vigilance.
  • The platform is equipped with several operating stations with complete monitoring (respirators, heating mats, binocular loupes with camera, electrocardiogram, capnograph, invasive and non-invasive pressure measurement, …). Surgical procedures can be performed under fixed or gaseous general anesthesia depending on the protocol considered, with appropriate analgesic coverage. The follow-up and post-operative care of the animals are ensured in a recovery incubator. A blood gas measurement system (small volumes) and telemetry (temperature-ECG-pressure) complete our offer for a longitudinal follow-up of the operated animals.
  • The microscopy platform is equipped with a Leica DMI6000 wide field microscope, a Nikon A1r+ confocal microscope and analysis stations. Both systems are equipped with temperature, gas and hygrometry control devices (Okolab). The platform is also equipped with a MetaXpress Pico automated cell imaging system. It combines high resolution imaging with powerful analysis, allowing the screening of molecules.
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