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The platform’s animal facility in its current configuration has been approved since August 2016 by the Ministry of Agriculture. The scientific regulation is based on the directive 2010/63/eu, translated into French law in the form of a decree (2013-118) and 5 orders (of February 1, 2013), supplemented by a decree (2020-274) and an order (of September 1, 2021). The various veterinary inspections of the Direction Départementale des Protection des Populations (DDPP), whether scheduled or unannounced, have confirmed the proper functioning and compliance with this regulation in our establishment.

The absence of pain, suffering or anguish throughout the life of the animal remains at the heart of our concerns. Also, the establishment benefits from the expertise of a veterinary referent concerned with the well-being of the animals and the respect of the 3R rule (replace, reduce and refine). The care team and project leaders can also count on the help and advice of an attentive and reactive Animal Welfare Unit (SCBEA).

In addition, each project is subject to a scientific evaluation, notably by the experts of the research team, an ethical evaluation by the CEEA-55 Ethics Committee, and finally an authorization delivered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI). These different steps guarantee the relevance of the research projects, the quality of their experimental design, the consideration of animal welfare and the skills of the personnel involved.

Beyond regulatory considerations, our team is committed to the protection of the animals in its care, from the quality of housing and care to the scientific excellence of the protocols conducted within the institution. This is why we are conducting several projects specifically dedicated to enriching the environment of our animals.

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